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“วินาศภัย” หั่นเป้าเบี้ย ประกันภัย โตแค่ 2%

Thai Life Insurance Association As a result, many of the insurance premiums have fallen. While expanding coverage The insurance premium will disappear. Second half of the year. From big project - balcony That will come into the system. State-backed, well-exported boom. New launch of "digital" campaign to promote "Thailand Future Fund" to accelerate the life of "Insurances"

Association recently adjusted the growth target of non-life insurance industry this year. Decline to around 2%, or a premium of approximately 216 049 million baht from the previous forecast to grow by 3-4%, with premiums or insurance. 218000-220000 million baht, lower than the GDP is expected to grow by 3-4% this year, because there are many types of insurance with lower premiums

in the auto insurance. It's down as well. In the event of severe competition, the government has ordered a reduction of 5-10% of voluntary insurance premiums for vehicles equipped with CCTV cameras, as well as a non-alcoholic policy to reduce insurance premiums by 10%. Effect on premium Instant insurance of premiums. It's down as well. In competition. Also a result of Rate this Article Fire insurance down 10-15% even applies on October 1, but there is a tendency to lower premiums.

Non-life insurance business trend Consumers will come into the insurance business more because the insurance industry is more accepted. Government sponsored This is especially true for health insurance, marine and transport insurance (Marine). It is expanding with the export. Meanwhile, the insurance industry is growing in the border trade sector. Especially in neighboring countries such as CLMV, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam.

For the administration policy of The new Executive Committee in 2017-2018 that set the goals of the work in four parts: 1. The people must educate themselves about the risks. To be able to bring insurance to reduce the risk. To build confidence in the people together. 2. Government agencies need to get closer, such as the Revenue Department, which still has the issue that the association asked to bring the health insurance premium deductible 15,000 baht outstanding Ministry of Tourism and Sports. The Department of Land Transport. 3. The OIC, which must work more closely together. Just like in Part 4, the insurance companies give examples of insurance companies. There are a lot of useless costs, such as knockoffs.

The first task that must be pushed is to support digitization. (Digitalization) Insurance technology (Insure Tech) to study because Insect Tech is dangerous. I can not find it. This will make the image of the insurance industry worse and still have to respond to the government's policy to sustain the economy in a sustainable manner. Maize insurance Insurance for State Welfare Registration (Low-income insurance), which even the government is slowing. Businesses need to study.

Another very important. Investment in future infrastructure fund Thailand (Thailand Future Fund), which will support. insurance company To invest more. By the ability insurance company

The most important is The insurance industry (Insurance bureaus) because it is now Big Data, if insurance bureaucracy is not a big data is not born. Impact on consumers. We do not know where the disaster is, which is now inevitable. The bureau has progressed by the OIC to sign MOU with. All insurance companies have joined the association. Under this MOOU framework. It's a matter of transmitting information to each other. Data Format And how to use the data. To adjust insurance premiums to meet the risks and offer insurance to meet the risks.

Director and Advisory Director Accounting - Financial and Investment Committee, Thai Non-life Insurance Association He added that the association would support the government's policy on electronic payment systems (National E-Payments) such as premium payments and claims. In addition to convenience to the people. It also reduced the cost of basic financial services.

View of the non-life insurance business in the second half There will be more positive factors. Large public investment projects. The first five-year-old cars and 5-year-old foreign tourists will come to Thailand. However, there are two factors to watch: competition in the insurance market, property risks. More severe The insurance premium will be reduced again. After a year, the average drop is 30%. The economy must continue to flourish.

Deputy Managing Director Viriyah Insurance Plc. Commenting on the insurance business in the second half, it seems to be better but not over. Because the signal is obvious, export is better. By the force is. Logistics related to exports will result in large car insurance. Transportation insurance

"Price trends. I do not think it's as good as last year. People who come to the competition should start to know what's going on. Insurance business. Is that the profit from the investment. 5% premium on premium. "

Source: Today's Brochure

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